In our car park, there are many different, interesting and also rare retro vehicles available, they are
mopeds, motorcycles, cars, minibuses, trucks, buses as well as trailers.
Including various operational and special vehicles.
In contrast to the vehicles that we offer for holiday events to entertainment trips in this section
the vehicles presented are more intended for various art projects (cinema, commercials, music clips, thematic
events, exhibitions), as a background, decoration, to create an appropriate atmosphere for a specific time period..

They are not always needed in running condition, with TA or octa, or there is no need to participate with them in the total
in traffic.

The costs for these vehicles are determined individually, depending on whether the specific vehicle is
you need a driver, where it has to be delivered for you or you will transport it yourself and the time period to which you have to
it is necessary.

Mob. No. +371 20 415 415





of 1989
Engine 10.3L
Number of seats 6+1 seats





of 1961
Engine 7L
Number of seats 36+1 seats


RAF-2203 "Latvia"

of 1983
Engine 3.9L
Number of seats 22+1 and 14 standing spots